Experts Get Ready To Treat Alzheimer’s Disease Through Electric Currents

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Scientists from Imperial College London are all set to launch a new method to treat dementia patients. It will be a landmark treatment where electric currents will be induced deep into patients’ brain. Scientists from the UK Dementia Research Institute will also be joining the experts from Imperial College London to launch the treatment. They have received a grant of $1.5 million from US philanthropists to start the trail. Bill Gate and Melinda foundation has also joined hands with promoters in this new initiative. After several failed trials for dementia drugs, all hopes are riding on this new method. This technology is called temporal interference brain stimulation. It involves transmitting electrodes on the scalp of the patients.

Scientists have chosen around 24 patients with the initial stage of Alzheimer’s disease. All the participants are supposed to undergo therapy, which will consist of two weeks of daily hour-long sessions. During the therapy, experts will apply electrodes on the scalp of the participants. It will send two harmless high-frequency electric beams deep into the brains. The frequency of the beam will vary between 2000 Hz to 2005 Hz. Later when they pass through each other, they will create a third current, which will be a low-frequency wave of 5 Hz. This newly created wave will be a crucial factor for the entire treatment.

Scientists claim that the third current will trigger somewhere near in the hippocampus, it is a space deep inside the brain where new memories form. This new wave is expected to revive the area’s mitochondria, which is damaged by the disease. Experts say that two primary beams are generally at very high frequency, which is not beneficial for healthy brain cells, but at the same time, the new wave will have the same frequency at which brain cells flames up. This will allow diseased neurons to come back into action. Early tests on healthy participants have indicated that the new treatment increases the blood flow in the brain. The new trial is expected to kick-start in January 2021. For the first time, Alzheimer’s patients will undergo this new treatment.


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