Anticoagulation Therapy May Improve Survival Rate of COVID 19 Patients By 50 Percent

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A study has found that a dose of anticoagulants can boost the survival rate among hospitalized COVID patients. Scientists have said that coronavirus patients, who have been on a therapeutic dose of anticoagulants, have been able to reduce death risk by 50 percent. All the routines of anticoagulants prevent blood clotting and act as blood-thinning agents. The study says that COVID positive patients, who are on blood-thinning medication, have been able to cut down the need for intubations by 30 percent. These findings are part of a new study. It has been done by the scientists of Mount Sinai New York. It has been published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.

Coronavirus patients who have been on a ‘prophylactic’ or a lower dose of blood-thinning medication have shown a 50 percent higher chance of survival, as per the research. Scientists observed six different anticoagulant regimens including oral and intravenous doses. They tested these regimens within both therapeutic and prophylactic groups. They saw that therapeutic, prophylactic low molecule weight heparin and therapeutic oral apixaban could deliver better results. An author of the study, Dr. Anu Lala has said that blood-thinning drugs are linked with improved effect and low bleeding rates. Experts have considered all relevant risk factors before assessing the efficacy of blood-thinning drugs. They have monitored factors like age, ethnicity, pre-existing health conditions, or whether the patient has been on blood thinners or not.

This is a comprehensive study by experts from Mount Sinai’s research center. It shows a strong link between anticoagulants and improved effect for COVID 19 patients. Scientists discovered this therapy when many COVID 19 patients developed grave blood clots. Well, many experts were not sure about the size of the potential benefit and dosage of this treatment back then. Senior author of the study has said that it will be a milestone for a worldwide clinical trial for a new cure. Amid this pandemic, it will be a relief for many.


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