China Follows Forced Medication And Lockdown To Curb The Cases Of COVID19 In Xinjiang

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There have been reports that the government of China has been resorting to harsh measures to combat the infection of COVID19 across the Xinjiang region. Xinjiang is located in China’s far northwest region. The government is locking up people in their homes and imposing quarantine for more than 40 days in the area. Residents of the region are being jailed, if they do not comply with the rules imposed by the government. Experts have termed it as an absolute breach of medical ethics. The worrying part is that some of the residents of the area are also being fed traditional Chinese medications. Three people have exposed these ill-treatments conducted by the China government.

The Chinese police recently arrested a middle-aged woman from the Xinjiang area and crammed her in a cell of the detention center along with dozens of other women. She admitted that she was forced to drink a Chinese traditional drink, which caused her nausea and weakness. She also confessed that the women had to strip naked once in a week as guards washed them and their cells with disinfectant. There is no clinical data available to corroborate the efficiency of these traditional medicines. It is quite uncertain whether these traditional remedies fight against COVID19 infections or not. It has been 45 days since this harsh lockdown has been imposed in Xinjiang. In mid-July, around 826 cases of coronavirus have been reported in the area. Moreover, it has been more severe than before.

Earlier, a lockdown was imposed in Wuhan and Hubei Province. Wuhan was an epicenter of COVID19 with, more than 50000 cases. At the same time, Hubei Province had reported around 68000 cases. However, the residents of these areas were not forced to take any traditional medications. They were allowed to go outdoors for their primary needs. Even the retort to the outbreak in Beijing with 300 cases in June was mild. On the contrary, half of the Xinjiang’s population is under severe lockdown currently. The lockdown in the region is being monitored by vast surveillance machinery. Chinese authorities have claimed that the decision in Xinjiang has been taken for the wellbeing of the residents. However, it might be difficult to justify the intensity of harsh measures being taken during this lockdown.


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