New Study Says Honeybee Venom Proves To Be Effective In Eliminating Breast cancer Cells

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A path-breaking study in Australia has revealed that venom from honeybee can kill breast cancer cells quite effectively. It works aggressively on hard to treat breast cancer cells as well. Dr. Ciara Duffy has said that stingers of honeybee can destroy multiple types of cancer cells, including a triple-negative variety of cancers. Her study has found that insects’ venom not only kills cancer cells but also splits up cells’ ability to redevelop. It has a compound called melittin, which eradicates cancer cells with significant speed. This study has been published in the Journal of Natural Precision Oncology. The research has been conducted at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.

This research is considered one of the milestones in the field of natural Remedy. An author of the study has said that venom can eradicate the cancer cell membranes within 60 minutes. Experts have said that when melittin found in Venom is merged with existing chemotherapy drugs, it has proved to be efficient in reducing cancer growth in mice. Melittin splits up the chemical notes of cancer cells, which triggers cell growth and division. This compound restrains the sensory receptors, which usually overflow in triple-negative breast cancer and HER2 breast cancer. This therapy can lead to the development of effective treatment for more aggressive breast cancers. Triple-negative breast cancer and HER2 breast cancer accounts for 10 to 15 percent of all types of breast cancer. For such kind of cancers, there is no clinically effective treatment yet.

Dr. Ciara Duffy has collected the venom from the honeybee hives at the University of Western Australia, Ireland, and England. She has claimed that Perth Bees are some of the healthiest bees in the world. The venom has been examined against the hormone receptor-positive breast cancer cells and normal breast cells. Experts have been able to eradicate 100 percent of breast cancer cells with a specific concentration of the venom. However, the study has found out that it causes very little harm to normal cells as well. Experts have claimed that Melittin can help in existing cancer treatments like Chemotherapy as well.


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