Study Reveals Antibodies After Recovering From COVID19 Might Survive For Four Months In The Body

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New research has reported that people, who have recovered from COVID19 infection, might have antibodies for four months. A large-scale database from Iceland has been analyzed in the new study. Scientists have been exploring the presence of antibodies in more than 30000 blood samples. These blood samples have been taken from three different groups of people. The first group has included people who have been tested positive for COVID19. The second group has comprised of individuals who have been exposed to the virus but have not been infected necessarily. The last group has included people who have no exposure to the virus at all. This report has been published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

Experts have been carefully examining a subgroup of 487 people who have undergone more than one antibody test. Researchers have been able to see whether the antibody levels remain stable or fade away with time. Scientists have observed that the levels of antibodies have increased within the two months of diagnosis for this group. It has also been stable for the next two months, as per the new findings. The authors of the report have also claimed that there has been a significant amount of antibodies in asymptomatic people. Such people have never been tested positive for COVID19.

Authors have said that people, who have a weaker immune system, might not develop antibodies against the disease after being infected. However, it might be possible that such people get a false positive test for COVID19 and have not been sick at all. Experts have revealed some interesting facts as well. They have claimed that older people with severe COVID19 infection have higher levels of antibodies. According to the report, women have low levels of the antibodies as compared to men. Experts have pointed out that people, who smoke have lower levels of antibodies than those who do not smoke. The conclusive findings of the report have shown that antibodies remain stable at least for four months in people who have been infected with COVID19 before. Nevertheless, this is uncertain how these antibodies validate the immunity against the virus.


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