Amazon Plans To Expand Bellevue Plant That Will Host 25,000 Employees

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Amazon has plans to expand its workforce footprint in the Seattle suburb of Bellevue and create around 25,000 jobs in the city over the next five years. This is exactly the same number of jobs promised by Arlington, Virginia. Amazon, which was born in Bellevue, had announced its plans in February to create 15,000 jobs. Now it has made it intends clear to add 10,000 more jobs in the city 2025. These jobs will on average pay USD 150,000 a year. Meanwhile, Bellevue has not provided any financial incentives or tax breaks to lure Amazon.

The American multinational company has secured an additional 2 million square feet of space in downtown Bellevue for office space by leasing West Main and Vulcan’s 555 Tower to accommodate all these workers. The online retail giant has also said that it will start developing the second phase of its Bellevue 600 project soon. It will have a 27-story office tower with green space and retail. The will be in addition to the space provided by the 43-story office tower. The office will provide space of 1 million square feet and is scheduled to be complete by 2024.

Amazon also said that it will donate USD 1 million to the Human Services Department of the City of Bellevue to help families with low-income. The company has been leasing some space in the tony Eastside suburb since 2016. This space is just across Lake Washington and about 10 miles east of downtown Seattle. There are around 3,000 employees of Amazon at that space and the company’s presence is steadily growing in Bellevue’s robust downtown corridor. It will be connected with a Link light-rail station soon. Amazon vice president John Schoettler said that Bellevue is a business friendly community that provides a high quality of life, great amenities, and a fantastic talent pool. But the company will continue to have a main presence near downtown Seattle. The company hosts around 55,000 employees over there in a mix of building it owns and leases.


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