Experts Reveal A Potential Connection Between Hair Dye And Breast Cancer In A Large Scale Study

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A study done on a large population has revealed that there is no link between hair dye and an increased risk of most common types of cancer in women. However, the experts have found that women who have ever used hair dye are at higher risk of being diagnosed with hormone receptor-negative breast cancer. The study has confirmed a possible link between hair dye and ovarian cancer and the most common type of skin cancer as well, though it needs further investigation. This report has been published in the medical journal of BMJ. The research has looked at the record of its participants’ health and lifestyle habits since 1976. Some data from other research called ‘ the Nurses Health Study’ have also been considered in this large-scale study.

The study enrolled more than 120000 women initially. Around 117000 women were examined whether they had used any permanent hair dye. However, they were declared free of cancer at the beginning of the research. Participants were pursued for 36 years and one-third of them had said that they used hair dye at some point in time in their lives. During the study, there had been 47000 self-reported cases of cancer and 4800 deaths. In the end, the study has concluded that there is no significant link between cancer and the use of hair dye. However, they found a strong link between hair dye and breast cancer.

Hormone receptor-negative breast cancer is a form of cancer, which grows rapidly. It usually affects younger women. Such types of cancer do not react to treatments, which reduce hormones like estrogen and progesterone. Women who use hair dye are at greater risk of ovarian cancer as well. They are likely to be diagnosed with basal cell carcinoma too. Basal cell carcinoma is the most common type of cancer, which can be treated easily. The findings of this large-scaled study line up with recent research, which has established a link between hair dye use and breast cancer. Experts say that there are almost 5000 chemicals, which are used in a hair dye, and they are generally carcinogenic in nature. However, experts say that there can be other factors as well for causing cancer like family genes, environment, and strength of exposure.


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