Epic Games Returns To Court, Asks Judge To Reinstate Fortnite To Apple’s App Store

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Epic Games is leaving no stone unturned to get Apple to reinstate its Fortnite game app on iOS devices. The gaming company has already filed a motion asking the court to stop what it called Apple Inc’s retaliation against the “Fortnite” creator. Epic Games has filed for a preliminary injunction against the tech giant’s blocking Fortnite on its App Store. The injunction would also restore its developer account which was terminated by the iPhone maker. According to the filing, made in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California, Fortnite has been played by more 116 million gamers on iOS. This makes it the game’s biggest platform, bigger than its base on Xbox, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation, or Android.

Epic argued in the motion that it could supper ‘irreparable harm’ in the absence of a preliminary injunction. Epic Games’ account was terminated by Apple in August over in-app payment guidelines. The iPhone maker took this step after Epic introduced a new method for players to buy in-game currency directly without paying Google or Apple their customary 30 per cent cut of the revenue. According to tech giants, the moved violated app store policies of both Apple and Google. Following this, Fortnite was pulled from both Android and iOS devices. Epic then sued both the companies accusing them of monopolistic practices.

Epic Games said that it was a clear warning to all other developers. “It clearly states that anyone who would dare to challenge Apple’s monopolies will be cut off,” it said. Apple has said that it would allow Fortnite back into its app store only if Epic removes the direct payment feature. But Epic has refused it saying that it would be like colluding with the Apple to maintain its monopoly over in-app payments on iOS. Apple’s decision has affected iOS gamers as they are unable to get the latest updates of Fortnite that were released later in August.


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