The WHO Decides Not To Support A COVID19 Vaccine If Not Proven Safe And Effective

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Governments across the world are hopeful of coming up with a vaccine for the COVID19 virus as soon as possible. The virus has already infected over 26 million people all over the world. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) has cleared the air that the agency will not endorse a vaccine if it has not been proven completely safe and efficient. The WHO has said that all the test administrators should wait for months or years to verify the safety and efficacy of the candidate vaccine under normal procedures. Nevertheless, the virus has upended many lives and wreaked havoc on the global economy.

As the COVID19 pandemic continues to create mayhem across the globe, there has been massive pressure to develop a vaccine, which has sparked a fear that the testing standard of the vaccine might be lowered. The WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus has said that the standard of the vaccine will never be compromised. During a virtual briefing, he has confirmed that the agency will not endorse such a vaccine, which is not fully safe or effective for the masses. He has informed that at present there are at least 30 candidate vaccines, which are being tested on humans. Eight of them are in the phase three-trial stage, which involves tens of thousands of people. The authorities have said that there have been many prior investments in vaccine platforms for other diseases, but they have been channelized for the development of the COVID19 vaccine.

The WHO official has insisted that vaccine developers should not miss out on the various phases of stringent testing. They have said that no vaccine is going to be deployed among masses without meeting the minimum standard of safety and effectiveness. He has also pointed out the massive challenge of producing and rolling out the vaccine to billions of people around the world. He has said that looking at the large-scale supply and demand; vaccine might not be available for everyone before mid-2021. The agency has also set up a system called Covax to ensure a fair distribution of any future vaccine.


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