Evidence Suggests Long Term Health Impact Post COVID19 Infection Can Improve With Time

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Two studies have recently explained how severe COVID19 infection can cause long-term effects on patients’ body post-recovery. A study has found that people can recover from long-lasting health issues post COVID19 infection with pulmonary rehabilitation. Acute COVID19 infection not just harms the body but it also leaves a psychological scar on people’s mental wellbeing, as per the experts. Many people who have been down with severe COVID19 infection have complained of lung impairment after being discharged from the hospital. However, the new study has said that such impairment can fade away with time. Well, experts have informed that these findings are preliminary; it needs to be investigated further. However, the study has shed light on the long-lasting effects of COVID19 as well.

Dr. Sabina Sahanic, the co-author of the report, has said that the team has examined 86 patients with severe COVID19 infection. All of them have been observed six weeks after being discharged. Experts have evaluated them again after 12 weeks. These evaluations have included clinical tests, lab tests, analysis of lungs functioning, CT scan of the chest, and echocardiograms of the heart. The co-author has informed that this assessment will continue for the third phase at 24 weeks as well. Experts have said that at a 6-week assessment, 65.9 percent of patients have continued showing COVID19 symptoms. Among all the symptoms of the virus, coughing was the most common one. Around 50 percent of the patients have shown persistent shortness of breath until six weeks after being discharged. Around 88 percent of them have shown pathological findings on visit one according to their CT scan reading. However, it has become better with only 56 percent during visit two.

Experts have noted that COVID19 patients develop left ventricular diastolic dysfunction in the heart after recovery. Some patients face lung function abnormality as well. However, scientists have been able to find out that it can be improved with time. Health experts have said that a planned follow up after COVID19 recovery is very essential for the improvement. Another report has found that 19 patients with severe infection who have been undergoing pulmonary rehabilitation in their recovery process have shown some improvement in lung capacity, balance muscle strength, fatigue, and risk factor of depression. Experts have said that patients who have spent less time on the bed during pulmonary rehabilitation have shown faster recovery.


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