Medical Charity Says Prescribing Blood Pressure Monitor Might Reduce Heart Attack Among People

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The UK based medical charity has suggested that health experts should prescribe blood pressure monitor to their patients to slash the number of people dying from strokes and heart attacks. Authorities at the charitable trust have said that it will also help those people who are dealing with some kind of disabilities due to a stroke or heart issues. This charitable trust is called Blood Pressure UK. The officials have said that making blood pressure monitor available to everyone with high blood pressure will allow them to manage the condition more effectively. They have said that it will decrease the demand for GPs surgeries as well.

The chairperson of the charity trust Professor Graham MacGregor has said that advising blood pressure monitors to the patients will make a huge difference among communities. He has said that it is important that people check their blood pressure regularly to reduce the risk of a stroke, heart attack, or heart failure. Authorities have been trying to convey this to health experts that home monitors should be available to most of the people in need. Prof MacGregor has said that considering the situation due to the COVID19 pandemic and its restriction, home monitors should be available to patients to avoid the delay in a blood pressure test.

The UK based charity has conducted a poll involving 2000 people recently. Around 42 percent of them have been diagnosed with high blood pressure. While 42 percent of them have chosen not to disclose if their blood pressure is in control. Around 16 million people in the UK are suffering from high blood pressure. Surprisingly, only half of them have been taking treatment and only half of among people under treatment have their blood pressure under control. MacGregor Has said that a huge number of strokes and heart disease is pointless because the blood pressure of a large number of people is not under control. The charity has advised that blood pressure monitors should be given to the patients in the same way type 2 diabetes patients are given glucose monitor to check their blood sugar level. MacGregor has claimed that prescribing blood pressure monitor to the patients will ease the demand on healthcare facilities and GPs surgeries.


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