Scientists At The Oxford University Put COVID19 Vaccine Trial On Hold Due To Safety Issues

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Experts at the University of Oxford have put the clinical trial of the COVID19 vaccine on hold after one of the participants has fallen seriously ill in the UK. The clinical trial for Oxford’s COVID19 vaccine is in the final stage. The vaccine is being developed by a pharmaceutical firm AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford. The officials have termed this move as a routine pause in the case of an inexplicable illness. AstraZeneca has said that the standard review process for the vaccine has been activated and they have paused the clinical trial of the vaccine to let an independent committee to review the safety data. They have said that such breaks in proceedings do take place whenever there is an unexplained illness, which shows up in any of the trials.

The AstraZeneca and Oxford University vaccine is being followed closely by the whole world. It is considered one of the strong contenders among dozens of vaccines being developed across the globe. Health experts have been predicting that the Oxford vaccine might be the first one to arrive after flourishing phase one and two trials. The trial of the vaccine has reached its final phase 3 testing in recent weeks. It has involved more than 30000 participants from the UK, Brazil, South Africa, and the USA. The vaccine has been put on hold after a participant has started showing adverse effects. An independent committee will assess the safety data to give a go-ahead for restarting the trial. This is the second time when the trial of Oxford’s coronavirus vaccine has been put on hold, as per the reports.

Experts at the University of Oxford have said that they are trying to speed up the safe data review of this single incident so; it does not hamper the timeline of the vaccine trial. Reports have confirmed that the halt in the trial has impacted trial sites of the vaccine in the USA as well. Scientists have said that putting a vaccine trial on hold due to a serious incident is not common but it is not unheard of. President Donald Trump has recently conveyed that he needs the vaccine before the election, which is going to take place in November. Such remarks have irked many speculations that politics might be given undue priority over the safety of the vaccine.


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