Eating Outside Might Be Associated With High Risk of COVID19 Infection Says CDC

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The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a report saying that eating outside might increase the risk of COVID19 infection among people. The agency has said this activity is associated with the highest risk of coronavirus, as people do not wear masks while eating or drinking. The CDC has analyzed 314 people who have been engaged in outdoor activities like shopping, church meetings and dining out. Around half of them who have been showing symptoms, have tested positive for COVID19. Most people who have tested positive have been engaged in eating outside in a restaurant. Some of the COVID19 patients who have not been able to identify the occasion of the virus exposure have confirmed that they have recently visited a bar or a coffee shop.

The CDC has said that we need to take efforts to reduce the exposure of the virus where mask use and maintaining social distance is difficult. The agency has said that as far as activities like eating and drinking outside are concerned, we need to protect the people, customers, and communities. Since many states have decided to reopen the restaurants and dine-in services, the New York authority has decided that only reduced capacity indoor dining can resume their business in the city. The officials have said that bar services will remain shut in the city. They have informed that temperature checks for all the dine-in customers as well will be mandatory.

Many restaurants for indoor dining have already resumed their services in New York City. The co-author of the study Todd Rice has warned people saying that people who are going to eat outside they should be responsible enough to take care of their health. He has said that if someone is waiting for their order to arrive they should be wearing masks. People should also be careful while sitting on the table; they should follow the protocol of social distancing. This report has come out after some of the states have already resumed their dine-in services with 50 percent capacity.


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