China Immunizes Hundreds Of Thousands Of People For COVID19 Without Safety Trials

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As the world waits for the COVID19 vaccine desperately, the Chinese government has taken a quick route in the global sprint to develop a vaccine for coronavirus. As per the reports, China has vaccinated nearly 100000 people before the phase-three clinical trial. Sinopharm, a state-owned firm, which is responsible for two of China’s leading vaccines, has informed that they are accelerating the process to come up with a vaccine as soon as possible. The Chinese government has launched an emergency use program for one of the two leading vaccine candidates, which are still in process. Meanwhile, the government has approved a third vaccine called CoronaVac as well. This vaccine is being developed by a private firm called Sinovac Biotech. Such approval under Chinese vaccine law is valid for a certain time during a health emergency.

The officials have said that frontline health workers, customs officials, and high-risk groups have been prioritized to receive still in process vaccines under the program. The clinical trials of these vaccine candidates have just started overseas, as they have been authorized to be used in the emergency use program in China. Sinopharm has started the clinical trial for one of its vaccines in the United Arab Emirates. Safety trial for one of the vaccines has started in Peru and Morocco as well. These safety trials are been conducted outside China because the effectiveness of these vaccines can be examined where transmission of COVID19 has been high.

China and Russia are two countries that have temporarily given a go ahead to the vaccines, which are yet to be proved fully safe during the clinical trial. The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has said that they are planning to distribute the vaccine to high-risk groups by the end of October or early November. However, there have been many speculations that approval of vaccines might be politicized as the 2020 election is around the corner. Nine leading vaccine makers have decided not to send their vaccine for approval before they determine the safety and efficacy threshold of the drugs. No Chinese company has signed this kind of pledge so far, as per reports. China has not faced any serious threat with its emergency use program yet.


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