Microsoft Criticizes New App Store Guidelines For Streaming Game Services On iOS

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Apple has once again found itself at the center of a controversy over its latest App Store rules. Apple has just introduced some changes in the guidelines for streaming game services on its operating system. The rules have clearly irked Microsoft. The American technology company flayed the new rules. It even described them as a bad experience for customers. Microsoft in a statement alleged that Apple is trying to enforce strict rules for launching game services on its platform. The company said that rules make it impractical for the company to launch apps on the App Store. Apple’s new rules come days before it releases iOS 14.

The changes in App Store guidelines directly affect companies offering game streaming services. Microsoft is currently testing xCloud gaming on Apple’s iOS. It was, however, discontinued in August. Apple had cited non-compliance with rules as a reason behind ending the support for testing. According to Apple, the company has asked Microsoft and others to release a standalone app for streaming games on its platform. Apple is not in favor of launching a single app for all the games. Launching a single app means, it will work as an alternative to the App Store which Apple is not ready to accept. This is where the two American tech giants are engaged in a spat.

If Microsoft abides by Apple’s policies for launching its xCloud gaming services on iOS, it will have to release individual apps for all the games. Microsoft has over 100 games. Each app will then face iOS scrutiny and must clear the review process. Microsoft said that the rules are impractical to be followed. If one app is launched, users have the feasibility to jump directly into a game. Different apps mean users will have to exit before jumping to another game. Meanwhile, Microsoft said that it will launch the xCloud platform on the Android platform soon. Facebook too had earlier criticized Apple rules for preventing gaming apps on iPhones and iPads.


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