Amazon Adds Hindu Language Support To Alexa App On Android, iOS In India

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Amazon wants to cash in on the huge popularity of its product Alexa. The US tech giant has announced to add Hindi language support to the Alexa app. Alexa is Amazon’s voice assistant device. It uses artificial intelligence technology to interact. Alexa is hugely popular in India because of its algorithm. It is capable of voice interaction. Amazon said that the Alexa app will support Hindi for smartphone users. It is exclusively available for users in India. The company said that the Alexa app will support Hindi on both Android and iOS platforms. Hindi is spoken by majority of the population in India and is the country’s language.

The announcement coincides with the first anniversary of Alexa’s Hindi support. Amazon had launched Hindi support via the Echo range of smart speakers in September 2019. The company has now added Hindi support to Alexa app on Android and iOS devices. Alexa has introduced over 60 new features to make it more sociable in the last one year. The company in a statement said that it wants to make Alexa local so that people can feel connected to it. Alexa has made significant improvements in understanding the language. Adding Hindi support to the Alexa app will take it to millions of Hindi speakers in smaller towns. It promised to make further improvements in language understanding in the coming days.

To switch to Hindi on the Alexa app on Android and iOS, users will require changing settings. After opening Settings, go to Alexa on this phone and then search for the language option. Now select Hindi from the list of languages available. Alexa was launched in India in October 2017. It can control smart devices. It can play music, set alarms, share news, weather, and traffic updates in real-time. Besides, it can also provide real-time information about cricket scores and other sports. Amazon sees India as a big market. According to an estimate, the US-based company has spent over USD 5 billion on its India operations.


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