Scientists Use 2017 NASA Data To Discover Pi Planet Similar To Earth In Size

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Scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have discovered Pi Planet which is similar to Earth in size. It takes 3.14 Earth days’ time to complete one orbit around its star. Scientists suspect that the planet is not hospitable because of its extreme conditions. They said that its orbit takes the planet very close to its star. This increases the temperature of the planet. It goes up to 177 degrees Celsius. The discovery was made by researchers from the data gathered by NASA a few years ago. MIT scientists said that the planet moves like clockwork. It is labeled K2-315b. It has a radius of .95 that of Earth. Its travel speed is 81 km per second.

The US space agency’s Kepler Space Telescope’s K2 mission had collected the data in 2017. Researchers discovered the signals of the planet from its data. The Kepler Space Telescope was retired in October 2018. It was launched by NASA to discover Earth-size planets that orbit stars in the universe. The team said that they confirmed the signals were of a planet earlier this year. They used SPECULOOS to establish the fact. SPECULOOS is a network of ground-based telescopes. Scientists believe that its terrestrial is similar to Earth’s but its closeness to its star makes it too hot for supporting life. The findings were published in the Astronomical Journal.

The team said that K2-315b orbits a cool and a low-mass star. The star is about one-fifth of the Sun’s size. The team couldn’t determine the planet’s mass. The MIT team said that K2-315b is a perfect candidate for future observations. They expect that NASA’s Webb Space Telescope to give a better idea about the planet and its atmosphere. The space telescope is been planned to succeed Hubble Space Telescope. It will provide improved infrared resolution over Hubble. NASA said that scientists can observe distant objects in the universe using the telescope. The agency has proposed to launch the telescope in 2021.


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