WHO Says Breast Cancer Becomes The Most Common Form Of The Deadly Disease

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The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that breast cancer has replaced lung cancer as the most common form of cancer. As per the report, breast cancer contributes to 12 percent of new cases of cancer each year around the world. A cancer specialist at the WHO, Dr. Andrew Ilbawi has said that for the first time, breast cancer has become the most commonly occurring cancer across the globe. Lung cancer has been the most common type of cancer for the last 20 years, however now it has come down to the second position. Colorectal cancer is the third most common form of cancer around the world. Experts have estimated that around 2.3 million new cases of breast cancer have been reported worldwide last year. It accounts for 11.7 percent of all cancer cases. The officials from the WHO have said that among women, breast cancer is the most commonly identified cancer. Breast cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths around the world. Dr. Andrew Ilbawi has noted that obesity in women is one of the most common risk factors for breast cancer, which drives overall cancer numbers.

Experts have said that as the global population grows and life expectancy increases, cancer is going to be more common. They have claimed that there will be around 30 million new cases of cancer per year by 2040 as compared to 19.3 million new cases in 2020. The WHO has warned against many risk factors for cancer saying that nearly one-third of cancer deaths take place due to tobacco use, high body mass index (BMI), less fruit and vegetable intake, lack of exercise, and alcohol use. The COVID19 pandemic as well derailed the treatment of cancer across the world, as there have been delays in diagnosis and health care workers have been under immense pressure while dealing with the pandemic. The research work on cancer and its treatments as well has been affected due to the pandemic.

Recently a nationwide panel of experts has issued the first mammography guidelines for older survivors of breast cancer. The guidelines offer a framework for talks between survivors and their health care providers on the pros and cons of screening in the later years of life. Under the new guidelines, experts have said that people with a life expectancy under 5 years should discontinue their routine mammograms. Experts have been thinking to stop mammogram screening for people who have 5 to 10 years of life expectancy. These recommendations will be accompanied by printed materials, which will help survivors to estimate the risk of reoccurrence of breast cancer. It will weigh the potential benefits of disadvantages of routine mammography. The standard guideline of regular mammography among breast cancer survivors has been yearly screening. However, there has been less guidance on how to tailor screening patterns for older survivors.


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