Study Finds Apple Watch Can Detect Covid-19 Earlier Than Traditional Methods

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A new study has claimed that the Apple Watch can help diagnose coronavirus infection. They said that the device can play a pivotal role in detecting such cases. The study was conducted at Mount Sinai Hospital. The hospital was founded in 1852. It is one of the largest and oldest teaching centers in the country. It is based in New York City. The study said that Apple Watch can help agencies in identifying infection in people earlier than the set traditional methods. This will help people track and improve the management to cure the infection. Researchers noted subtle changes in an individual’s heart rate variability. The HRV can be measured by an Apple Watch.

This method can help in the detection of the virus early. Researchers said that they were able to signal the onset of infection at least seven days before one could be diagnosed with the virus via traditional methods. Currently, there are specific labs for conducting coronavirus tests. The methods to diagnose the infection include collect cells from a nose or throat. The study said that detecting infection with an Apple Watch highlights the importance of technology in health and the future of health gadgets. Adoption of technologies can help address the health needs and improve the management to recover from a disease.

Researchers noted that it could be a major breakthrough in Covid-19 management. The study involved hundreds of participants, all health care workers. They wore Apple Watches and answered questions daily through an app that was specially customized. The wearable allowed researchers to note changes in the participants’ HRV. They also collected daily symptoms like fever, body aches, tiredness, dry cough, and others of the participants. The data was used to predict whether the workers are diagnosed with the virus or had Covid-related symptoms. Researchers noted that 7 to 14 days after diagnosis with the infection, the HRV pattern started to normalize. The study was conducted between April and September last year.


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