Analyst Neil Cybart Claim Over 100 Million People Using Apple Watch Worldwide

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Apple Watch is one of the most sought smartwatches in the world. According to Analyst Neil Cybart, Apple Watch has achieved a rare feat. The wearable’s adoption in the world has increased substantially in 2020. Currently, there are over 100 million people on Earth who are wearing an Apple Watch. The iPhone maker achieved this milestone in less than six years. The analyst said that Apple Watch added around 30 million new users to the user poll in 2020. This new figure is much more than new users who started using the gadget combined in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Apple Watch is now the Cupertino-based firm’s fourth-largest product installed base. The three products that are ahead of Apple Watch are iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

The analyst said that if the current sales trajectory of the Apple Watch grows, the product will soon become the third Apple gadget with the largest installed base. It will surpass the installed base of Mac in 2022 at this sales rate. To replace iPad which is at the second spot, Apple Watch will have to wait long with the current sales graph. Neil noted that Apple Watch is a popular wearable among consumers worldwide. It is a new kind of product being offered by Apple and is a leader in the segment. It comes with a variety of features. It allows users to monitor their activity and vital health signs.

Neil said that the American market is a stronghold for Apple Watch for years. The adoption of the Apple Watch in the US is marginally high than figures in other countries. He said that approximately 35 percent of people using iPhones in the country were wearing Apple’s smartwatch by the end of 2020. Meanwhile, database company Statista said that Apple Watch accounts for nearly 55 percent of the world’s wearable market. Apple is a leader in the segment with no company showing signs of hovering around this figure. Samsung is at the second spot with a 13.9 percent market share. Another American multinational Garmin is in third place with an 8 percent market share globally.


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