Facebook CEO Once Asked Staff To ‘Inflict Pain’ On Apple Over Privacy Dispute

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Facebook and Apple have been at loggerheads for their stand on privacy and user data and relations between have been worsening of late. Facebook chief executive officer Mark Zuckerberg has been bleating for years about how Apple has too much sway over its business. And in 2018, he completely lost it. A report suggests that he told his staff to ‘inflict pain’ on Apple over the controversy around data collection practices. The tension between the companies started in 2014 when Apple CEO Tim Cook criticized the social media giant over its privacy policy. Facebook was once again under scanner in 2018 over Cambridge Analytica. This started a widespread debate over privacy.

During that time, Cook in an interview said that Apple would have never been in the same position as Facebook. Zuckerberg had hit back by saying that the comment made by Cook was ‘extremely glib.’ However, in private he used very harsh words. According to people familiar with the incident, he asked his staff to ‘inflict pain’ on Apple for treating Facebook so poorly. It must be noted that Apple has positioned itself as the torchbearer of protecting digital privacy. This often leads to the criticism of the business model of Facebook.

The report comes at a time when Apple and Facebook are all out against each other. In January, Apple announced that it is working on a new feature in iOS that will bar apps from tracker data of iPhone users. Responding to it, Facebook said that updates brought in iOS 14 could create trouble for its advertising business. Moreover, the social media giant is reportedly readying an antitrust lawsuit against the iPhone maker. Reports suggest that the lawsuit by Facebook alleges that the California-based company has abused its market power. It said that the company has forced third party apps like Facebook to follow a different set of rules. It alleged that Apple’s own app need not follow those rules.


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