NASA’s Perseverance Rover Land Successfully On Mars, To Search For Signs Of Life

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American space agency NASA has landed another rover on Mars. The rover touched on the Martian surface as planned on February 18. NASA said that the landing of the Perseverance rover was successful. The rover landed in a deep crater near Jezero. Engineers and scientists at the mission control in California erupted in joy soon after the rover landed. Perseverance is the ninth rover by NASA to land on the Red Planet. The rover covered a distance of around 300 million miles from Earth in eight months. The mission was launched in July 2020. NASA said that the rover is healthy and in a good shape. The rover also sent the first image of the planet as it landed.

The Jezero crater is believed to have flooded with water 3-4 billion years ago. The rover’s objective is to search for signs of microscopic life on the planet. Scientists believe that there is a high probability that clays in the Jezero crater may contain a rich fan-delta deposit. Perseverance is a car-sized rover. It becomes the tenth rover to land on the Red Planet’s surface. It was the Soviet Union that first landed on Mars. The Soviet Union landed on the Red Planet’s surface in December 1971. But contact with the rover was lost after 110 seconds. The United States is the only country in the world to operate a craft on Mars’ surface. It has landed nine rovers on Mars in the last five decades.

NASA said that Perseverance is the most advanced rover it has ever launched. It is carrying high-quality scientific instruments. It has 19 cameras and two microphones. The rover has an arm of 2-meter. It will drill down to collect Martian rock for a possible return to Earth in the future. According to NASA, it is working with the European Space Agency to bring back the rocks. The rover is also carrying the mini-helicopter. It has been named Ingenuity. The agency said that Ingenuity is an experimental aircraft. It will attempt the first-ever flight in Mars’ atmosphere. NASA said that the Perseverance mission totals around USD 3 billion.


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