Mazda Motor Is The Best Overall Car Brand For 2021 As Per Consumer Reports

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Mazda Motor has been pegged as the best brand of the year 2021 by Consumer Reports. This is for the first time when Japanese multinational automaker has managed to clinch the top position. The ‘zoom-zoom’ brand climbed three spots to achieve the top spot. It left behind some of the best car brands like Porsche, BMW, Honda, and others. According to reports, the company was among the top five mainstream brands to make it the list of Consumer Reports’ Top 10. In the past, the list has been mainly dominated by luxury car manufactures. But this time there are some other ‘reasonably priced’ card makers that are part of the upper ranks. Some of these brands are Toyota, Subaru, Buick, and Honda.

This year’s Consumer Reports turned out to be most shocking for Tesla as it fell five positions in the auto brand ranking. The electric car maker has dropped to the 16th spot this year from the previous year’s 11th position. The assessment was based on several factors like owner satisfaction, road tests, safety performance, and reliability data. Despite have scored well on parameters like road testing and customer satisfaction, Tesla vehicles were not reliable in comparison to other vehicles. Jake Fisher, senior director of a New York-based magazine, said the only Tesla model that can be recommended is Model 3. “All other models of Tesla have below-average reliability,” he said.

The drop in rating is apparently a new obstacle for Elon Musk, who has been working hard to expand Tesla globally. For the uninitiated, Consumer Reports is considered to be a bible for many who are willing to buy new cars. It has earned a reputation because of the strict compliance with all the testing norms on the basis of which the ranking is decided. Most importantly, it purchases all the cars it tests. This year, Consumer Reports assessed vehicles on the basis of greenhouse gas emissions. Three vehicles of Toyota and Model 3 of Tesla were among the top 10.


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