This Is What Will Happen To Your WhatsApp Account If You Disagree With New Privacy Policy

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WhatsApp has already confirmed that it will go ahead with its new privacy policy updates. The date fixed for the implementation of these updates has been as May 15. The Facebook-owned company has now said that users who will agree with the new privacy policy will not be able to access all the functionality. It categorically stated that the accounts of those not accepting the privacy policy will not be deleted. But it won’t be of any use either as users won’t be able to read or send messages from the platform. This means that such users will receive all the notifications as well as calls for a short time.

The ‘short time’ is expected to stretch for few weeks but features will eventually become inaccessible. However, users will be able to accept the new privacy policy even after the deadline is over. On its FAQ page, the instant messaging app said that those who don’t want to accept the feature at all will be able to export their chat history. This facility will be available on both Android as well as iOS. The company also that users will have the option to delete their account. However, once deleted, there will be no way to restore it, the company said. Therefore users should do it only if they are 100 percent sure about it.

Meanwhile, the company will continue to explain to users the terms and conditions of the new privacy policy will urge them to accept it before May 15 to enjoy uninterrupted services. The company will apply the policy of inactive users on those who will neither accept nor delete their accounts. Also, the company will delete the account which will remain inactive for 120 days. The company also said that it will provide users more information about the policy by incorporating in-app banners with additional information. It also said that the company will continue to work to counter misinformation about the new updates.


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