Google Rolls Out Full-Fledged Dark Mode Feature For Google Maps On Android

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The dark mode theme is gaining popularity. Search engine giant Google is also rolling out the support for the dark mode to its apps and services. The company has now announced that Google Maps will get a full-fledged dark mode feature. The dark will be available to Google Maps on the Android platform. Google started testing the dark mode feature in September 2020. After months of testing, the company has decided to introduce the feature. The dark mode theme will be made available to Google Maps users worldwide in one go. The dark mode comes with numerous benefits. It said that the dark mode will give a much-needed break to the eyes. It will also save battery and enhance its performance. Google said that once the Google Maps app is updated on Android devices, users can enable the feature.

Google said that users will have to make some changes in the Settings to turn on the dark mode feature. The company has added the dark mode option under the Theme section in Settings. Users will have to head to Settings and tap on Theme. Then look for the Always in Dark Theme button. The same procedure will be applicable for returning to the white landscape. As the name suggests, the dark mode feature will convert the display into a dark color. The theme makes it easier for users to read texts. Notably, Google introduced the dark mode in 2018 on Google Maps for navigation. But it didn’t expand it fully on the app. The latest announcement will see Google Maps getting a full-fledged option for dark mode.

Google said that it has started rolling out the feature. It may take few days for the rollout to complete. The company didn’t speak on when it will introduce the dark mode theme for Google Maps on iOS. Google said that it has also introduced new updates to Android Auto. The application allows users to connect smartphones to the car’s display. It will now feature games. This is in addition to custom wallpapers. Google said that the voice-activated games will keep the passengers entertained during the journey. Besides, Android Auto will soon get a split-screen feature. It will allow users to put Maps side by side with other controls.


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