Facebook Launches Short-Video App BARS To Take On TikTok-Like

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Creating short videos on social media is a new trend in recent times. Tech giants are following this trend. They understand that short videos can help them gain traction and expand their business. Social media giant Facebook has launched a new service for making short videos. The service is called BARS. Facebook was making effort to launch the service long. It recently doubled down on its endeavor to launch BARS. The social media giant wants to take on TikTok. TikTok is a Chinese short-video-making service. It is hugely popular among young people because of its creative and engaging tools. Facebook said the BARS will allow users to make and share raps.

Facebook said that the BARS app is available for download in the US market via the App Store. It said that BARS will make it easy to create videos. BARS is the result of Facebook’s New Product Experimentation Team. The internal research and development team conducted rigorous experiments before launching the BARS. The NPE team was set up with an objective to design, test, and launch apps to give users new experiences. The new app will allow users to experiment with the content with new tools. It has beats created by professionals. The rhyming dictionary will help users create raps. There are a variety of audio and visual filters.

Facebook said that BARS will take creations to another level. The NPE Team in 2020 launched BARS-like service Collab. Collab lets users create music videos. BARS is the second product by the team. Facebook hopes that BARS will become popular among youngsters and get traction. Notably, TikTok was the most downloaded app in 2019. It fetched over 2 billion downloads. It attracted younger generations with a focus on inspiring creativity. This helped the Chinese app to capture over 150 markets in at least 39 languages. Instagram also has a TikTok-like service. It is called Reels. Google also launched a similar service last year. It introduced YouTube Shorts to take on TikTok.


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