One Shot Of Oxford-AstraZeneca Or Pfizer Vaccines Can Cut Risk Of Hospitalization By 90 Percent

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Anti-coronavirus vaccines have come as a savior for the world. A new study has revealed that taking just one shot of vaccine can reduce the chance of being hospitalized by the infection. It said that the risk reduced by 90 percent. The study said that the two vaccine candidates — Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca have delivered some remarkable results during the crisis. The two have proved to be more effective in the fight against coronavirus. The World Health Organization and several countries have given emergency use nod for the two vaccines. Both require two shots. While the first is a priming dose, the second one is a booster shot. The drugs develop a strong immune system to fight against the deadly virus.

The study noted that numbers of oldest age groups being admitted to hospitals are dropping rapidly as the vaccination picks up the pace. Also, the fatality rate in those above 75 years has fallen below 40 percent. Those who are above 85 being admitted to ICU with the infection have come down almost to zero. Researchers studied the data from the UK’s National Health Service vaccination program to arrive at this conclusion. They took into account the hospitalization rates across England in those who were administered the primary shot of the two vaccines. They compared this data with those who didn’t receive the shot in the same age group. They observed that Pfizer and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines cut the risk of hospitalization by up to 85 percent and 94 percent, respectively.

The latest findings dismiss a report by the German authorities that the Oxford vaccine is not effective for people who are above 65. It had advised against administering the shots of Oxford vaccine in those beyond 65. Germany is among other European countries that have expressed doubts over the vaccine’s efficacy in the older age group. This has led millions to shun taking shots of the Oxford vaccine across Europe. The study said that Oxford University’s vaccine is stunningly effective against coronavirus. It helps in preventing recipients from falling ill seriously due to the infection. It said that Pfizer too stops people from getting seriously sick.


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