Apple Discontinues iMac Pro As Company Plans To Bring New Lineup Of iMac

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Tech giant Apple has discontinued one of its personal computers. The hardware in the question is the iMac Pro. The company has made an announcement that the supply of iMac Pro will end soon. It said that one can buy the product till its supply lasts. Notably, Apple’s retail stores, Apple Store, have also removed all build-to-order configurations for iMac Pro. The company is also not offering many choices to those who wish to buy the remaining devices. The remaining devices come with a limited choice. As shown on the Apple Store, there is only one model that is available for grab. It is carrying a price tag of USD 4999. It comes with a basic configuration.

Anyone planning to buy iMac Pro can also approach third-party retailers other than Apple Store. The third-party retailers have some stock-keeping units. But that too is for a limited period. The device will run out of stock soon given no supply from the company. The iMac Pro was touted to be an all-in-one desktop computer by Apple. The latest decision to discontinue the device has surprised many. The product was launched in 2017. Apple flagged iMac Pro as the most powerful Mac ever built but the company. The product will be remembered as a niche computer. It targeted high-end customers and graphic designers.

The current iMac Pro comes with a 5K display. It features an Intel Xeon processor and AMD Vega graphics. Besides, it comprised 10 Gigabit Ethernet and Apple’s trusted second-gen T2 security chip. There is no clarity given by the company behind its move to discontinue the iMac Pro. The discontinuation of the iMac Pro comes when Apple is planning to bring a new range of iMacs. The new devices will come with the next-generation silicon CPUs and GPUs. The company is also recommending users shift to the 27-inch iMac 2020 model. It can be customized as per the customer’s need. Apple didn’t share the exact launch date of a new lineup of iMac. But reports say that it unlikely that Apple will launch new iMacs in 2021.


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