Facebook Allows Content Creators To Monetize Short Videos, Earn Via Stories Feature

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Facebook is increasing monetization options. The social media giant has made some changes to its monetization policy. The changes will affect the content creators. The company said that it will now allow content creators to earn more. It means that content creators on Facebook can make more money from videos. The changes are specially designed for short videos. The company said that its focus is currently on short-form video monetization. However, creators will soon be able to earn from sticker ads in the Stories feature as well. Stories feature in Facebook is one of the most popular features of the platform. Facebook said that it will begin testing the ability to monetize Stories with ads.

Facebook said that the test is limited to a small number of creators. It will expand the testing to more content creators gradually to iron out the issues before broadening the scope. The company has already updated its in-stream ad eligibility. The amended eligibility is aimed at including more video creators. Facebook said that this will also change the viewing experience for users. Earlier, Facebook allowed ads to be displayed on videos having a minimum duration of 3 minutes. The ads appeared at 45 seconds mark or later. The new eligibility will allow content creators to show ads even in a minute-long video.

A change in the eligibility means ads will appear at small intervals and creators will get more revenue. Facebook said that it will share the revenue with creators generated from their content. For one-minute videos, ads will be shown 30 seconds in. For three-minute and longer videos, ads will be shown up at 45 seconds. Facebook said that a page joining its in-stream ads must have 600,000 total minutes viewed. These minutes could be from any combination of video uploads on the page in the last two months. Also, at least five of them should be Live videos. Videos must be published and not deleted. Besides, there should not be any complaint filed against the content.


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