Mother Vaccinated With The COVID19 vaccine Gives Birth To Baby With Antibodies

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A South Florida health care worker has received her first shot of the vaccine developed by Moderna at 36 weeks of her pregnancy. However, recently the woman has given birth to a healthy baby girl with COVID19 antibodies. Health experts have said that newborn has been marked as the first baby born with COVID19 antibodies in the US. They have said that COVID19 antibodies might offer her some immunity against the virus. Dr. Paul Giblert and Chad Rudnick have published their findings in a pre-print study. They have said that antibodies in the baby girl have been identified at the time of delivery itself. They have examined the blood sample from the umbilical cord of the baby after birth and after placenta delivery. Both professionals have said in their report that the SARS-CoV-2 IgG antibodies have been found in the blood samples of the baby’s umbilical cord after only the first dose of Moderna’s COVID19 vaccine. Hence, maternal vaccination might reduce the risk of COVID19 infection and provide some protection against the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

Many experts have said that there is a need for further research to verify the safety and efficacy of the COVID19 vaccine during pregnancy. Earlier, many medical professionals have said that women who have been infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus during pregnancy possibly transfer the antibodies to their newborns. Transfer of antibodies from mother to infant through placenta has been well documented in other vaccines as well, such as the influenza vaccine. Therefore, health experts believe the same newborn immunity might be possible through maternal vaccination for COVID19. An internal medicine specialist, Dr. Neeta Ogden has said that there is a need for more data to determine how safe COVID19 vaccines are during pregnancy. Some experts have said that the new development on this front will encourage pregnant women to get the shot.

Dr. Neeta Ogden has said that maternal vaccination offers some levels of protection against the virus to the most vulnerable population that is newborns. She has said that the world does not have a COVID19 vaccine for children yet, therefore, this type of safe maternal transmission of antibodies from the vaccine to infants is a great step in the right way. There are other studies, which have shown a safe maternal transmission of antibodies. Massachusetts General Hospital has looked at 131 women, 84 pregnant women, 31 lactating women, and 16 non-pregnant women in a study. All of them have been vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine. Experts have seen equally strong immune responses among pregnant women and breastfeeding women as the control group. They have found that COVID19 antibodies have been prevalent in the placenta and breast milk of every sample taken.


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