Google To Provide Its Own Chipset In Upcoming Pixel 6

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Google Pixel smartphones are very popular. The high-end smartphones are one of the successful products by the search engine giant. Through Pixel devices, Google offers advanced technologies and interesting features. The company is already working on the Pixel 6 smartphone. The upcoming smartphones will come with Google’s own chip. The company has designed a custom system on a chip for Pixel 6 devices. It has codenamed the chipset as Whitechapel. Google is exploring the feasibility to power the upcoming handsets with Whitechapel. The latest development is seen as a threat to Qualcomm’s dominance in the industry. Qualcomm is a leader in the chipsets market. It accounted for nearly 31 percent of the overall revenue in 2020.

According to Google, the new custom chip for the Pixel 6 will be used by engineers in connection with Slider. It is a common shared platform for Whitechapel systems. Whitechapel is an attempt by Google to encourage creating its own systems on a chip for Pixel devices and Chromebooks. It is in line with Apple using its own chips in Mac and iPhone. Google refers to the chip as GS101 internally. GS in this stands for Google Silicon. Google CEO Sundar Pichai in 2020 had dropped hints about the company working on developing its own chip. He dropped hints about the company’s investments in hardware. He had said that Google is looking forward to having a terrific roadmap in 2021. It was then predicted that Google is developing its own processors.

Meanwhile, a new patent has claimed that Google will release the Pixel 6 with an under-screen selfie camera. It didn’t reveal any further detail about the camera. The camera will likely be underneath the display. The smartphone will sport a Full-HD+ OLED screen. The aspect ratio will be 19.5:9. It will run on Android 11. The new handset will be powered by a battery of 4,080mAh. Google has confirmed that it will provide fast-charging support in the device. It will feature an octa-core Snapdragon processor. Google will couple the device with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage capacity.


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